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  • 26th Oct

    26th Annual meeting of KNI

  • 7th Oct

    The 7th International Seminar

  • 26th Oct

    Workshop on “Active IT”

  • 26th Oct

    27th Annual meeting of KNI

  • 26th Oct

    26th Annual meeting of KNI

Who we are…

The Knowledge base on Key National Indicators (KNI) is an instrument for creating a common information space which accumulates various data sources of the INTOSAI Working group on KNI.

The INTOSAI Working Group (WG) on KNI was established according to recommendation of the 19th Congress of the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions, held in Mexico City in 2007. The WG is chaired by the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation.One of the WG strategic goals is to facilitate information and knowledge sharing among its member SAIs and partners, to carry out evaluations and to render services on knowledge acquisition.

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